Mile 1

  • Released: May 3, 2016
  • Format: Digital
  • Label: Beejum Music
  • Produced by: Baskerville Jones, Jon Jackson, Jr


Track Listing:

1. Mile 1

2. So Right

3. Masquerade

4. On This Day

5. It’s Gonna Rain

6. It’s Gonna Rain (Instrumental)

7. On This Day (Instrumental)

Album Credits:

All vocals performed by Baskerville Jones.

Mile 1: Written by Baskerville Jones, Darrell Crooks, Ronald Gilmore. Music performances by Darrell Crooks (Guitar).

So Right: Written by Baskerville Jones. Music performances by Darrell Crooks (Guitar), Matt Rohde (Organ).

Masquerade: Written by Baskerville Jones, Jonathan Jackson, Jr., Darrell Crooks. Music performances by Jonathan Jackson, Jr. (Producer, B3 Organ, Programming), Darrell Crooks (Guitar).

On This Day: Written by Baskerville Jones, Jamie Lewis. Music performances by Matt Rohde (Piano).

It’s Gonna Rain: Written by Baskerville Jones, Adam Hawley. Music performances by Adam Hawley (Guitar).

Recording: Album mixed and mastered by Joel Soyffer at Coney Island Studios, Glendale, California. Recorded at Beejum Studios & The Dream Center in Los Angeles, California. Editing/engineering by Carlos Guaico, Alberto Lopez, Tom Malkiewicz, Chuck Cymone.

Artwork: Leelu (Photographer), Joe Carroll (Photography Assistant), Tucia (Photo Editor), April Rucker (Image Consultant), Alex Noble (Makeup). Beedom Art (Graphic Design).

Executive Producers: Baskerville Jones, Laura Faught, Eric L. Valentine.

This release is for Digital Distribution only.  However there are a limited number of physical CD’s that exist in the universe. The first 30 people to purchase a CD can  guarantee their copy, autographed by Baskerville Jones (optional).  Click below to proceed.